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  • Isis Vaselle

    The beauty and the killer

    ::She sits and smoothes out her dress and blouse like she has so many times before, glad there is no one around. She removes the message crystal Meso had given her and placed it on a table. She clears her throat and begins. Her eyes seem to radiate a silver color as she gazes into the crystal::

    I am a native of New Salem. Out of the 150,000 that once populated my city, there are now 12. I was lucky to escape, but this is only a detail in my story. My story begins 18 years ago.

    I was never born, I was an extracted fetus from a pregnant murder victim. I was someone who disappeared before their existence ::Stops and thinks:: But I guess I need to go into further detail before I come into the part of the where I take place.

    Relations between New Salem and Rhydin City are...were very slim. In order for New Salem to remain safe, 3 "Super beings" were created. By injecting the unborn fetus with a syrum containing a viral organism, the person would be granted power and intelligence far beyond any human. However this viral organism would grow and develop in coexistence with the human. At the age of 15, the strong individual would begin to learn of his/her power, by the organism interacting with him/her. At age 23, the organism would completely take over their mind, killing the host. There were, in total, 3 experiments done, code names: Prima, Meso, and Tripoli. I held Tripoli. She was capable of controlling my body, although I was only 17.

    So this is where I come in. Since I was a stolen child, I had adopted parents. They didn't know I was an experiment. The agency didn't know the ways of my father either. He constantly beat and raped me when I was young. I lived with them until I was 12, when my life changed drastically. One day, when he was on the roof, I pushed the ladder away and watched him fall into the ravine. ::Pauses:: It only hurts so long....not long at all.

    Prima, the first syrum, was being carried by a young woman named Percilla Enos. Meso, the second, was being carried by a young man named Symon Logan. Percilla was captured by Rhydin City and...changed. She was then let loose upon New Salem and fully destroyed was became a tattered civilization. I'm still trying to recapture the mind's a little jumbled up right now.

    When Prima was changed, she controlled, and killed Percilla too early. She was a sadistical being who only knew how to destroy. Meso and Prima did battle and in the end, their combined forces destroyed Prima, Percilla, and New Salem in one swoop.

    My earliest memory is when I awoke out side New Salem, the city in flames, and me not being able to remember a thing. It was this time when The Miss came into my life. She told me of what happened but didn't let me have the memory of it. She was...linked to me, attached to my she could control my thoughts. Now that she's gone, I have it...but I still haven't seen it. As I said before, my mind's a mess now. Although....I don't blame her from keeping it from me. I did catch a glimpse of it when my friend Josiah made a copy of my memory for extraction of Tripoli ::Happy she can say that without being hurt:: I saw a bit of it..and...It didn't look to appealing. I just know...that somehow, the destruction of my city was my fault...I just don't know how yet.

    The Miss took me up and kept me alive, we wandered the continent looking for a place to settle. That's why I did it anyway. She did it to extract revenge on Meso for destroying Prima, and our city. She knew the truth, but was, at this time, more disillusioned than I was. She taught me what little power she knew, as we were both supposed to be taught by the other hosts and syrums. The lessons we didn't received hurt us in the long run, hunting for food, and defending ourselves was much harder than it should have been. We stayed alive until we came to the Desert of Rhydin. Here I found a home, I found a friend, and for the first time in 4 years, I was happy.

    In Rhydin I also learned that Symon occupied the area. I went to seek him, trying to keep it a secret from the Miss as best I could, but failed. I guess trying to hide it was kinda stupid. She heard everything I said and heard. I spoke to him, and he taught me a few tricks with our blood. Learning how to remake blood and form tendrils was extremely helpful. The most important thing he told me was that he managed to kill Meso. He gave me the memory of his trials and his account in hell. I was far to lightly equipped to make it through what he did. After he told me this...::Hangs her head:: The Miss took over and I stabbed him. To this day he doesn't trust me, even though The Miss is dead.

    When the Miss took control of my body and started hurting people...I knew It was time to do something. That fact paired with Symon's new prerogative to kill Tripoli by any means necessary. He told me constantly that If she survived she could turn people into Syrum and it wouldn't be detectable. Like a vampire...only...more stealthily. The key factor in the restraint of the Miss had to have been Queen Dragon. She introduced me to my linked...Noormoon. ::She smiles a little bit saying the name:: He gave half his heart to me, and created the golden cylinder, a mental prison for the Miss. I owe her my existence, and I'm sorry I tapped her power now.

    What I mean by tapping her power is that I…::Takes a deep breath::… her. Adolescent Syrum's require the life force of a being to keep going until adult hood, much like Vampires. Only Syrum feedings aren't nearly as messy. Syrum's feed on electrical pulses of the heart and brain. I just call it life force. The life force gives us the power we need to go on. ::She sighs:: It wasn't right to take it. I feed from 3 major people. Queen Dragon, My Queen Gabrielle Leeloo Roele and her stalker whom we all just called Slayer. I fought Slayer in a death match and tapped his energy to the point were he could no longer sustain his life. I stole his powers of Dark Mage. However I trapped those powers in my adult reserves, small pockets of energy needed by the adult form. My other victims weren't as chivalrous. They were more out of pity than anything else. I stole large amounts of Gabrielle's angelic power and Queen Dragon's dragonesque power. I'm not proud of it...I can say that. They were all stored together in my adult reserves.

    However the intense power of the 3 races changed my adult form. The divergence of Angel, Dragon, and Dark Mage all...rearranged my form. While I still have the ability to shift through my blood, I have 3 other forms that I wouldn't have normally. I guess you could say...I'm a chimera.

    Some people say I have a strong paranoia :: Scratches her neck:: I do. But just due to the number of people who have attacked me. :: Swallows:: It's hard for me to trust people anymore.

    And I stand before you, a woman who has a little over a month to life...Maybe two from the magical treatments I've received. This is my story. Please understand I mean no one harm. I'm sorry for all the people I've hurt.

    ::She sighs heavily, a silver tear sliding down her cheek. She reaches out and picks up the crystal as the image disappears::

    Guild Life

    I am currently 3rd in Command of the "Little People of Rhydin," or LpR. A place we're people care about each other and try to help the needy

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    My Life

    Well, I life and work at the Desert Rose Inn. I love it there. I stay with my roommate Lara (LaraElvenD) and my daughter Mika (CatMika). My new son Harry is a dream too. Even though he is now a 3 inch tall fallen angel Sometimes I think my kind nature is going to overwhelm me. But then I remember that these people are my new family. ::smiles:: I love them more than anything on this earth. Supposedly I love a few people....That I'll keep quiet on. But everyone I do care about, I care about enough to die for. If I could, I'd give them the world. ((Isis' Theme Is B-line by lAmb))

    My places

    Desert Rose Inn-This is my home. I work and live here with my daughter Mika, My son Harry, and My Roommate Lara.

    Micah's Living Legend- This is my Nephew Mika's site. Feel free to visit

    Bixley Orphanage- This is the LpR owned orphanage. We give children a chance when no one else will.

    Glory Hospital- The hospital which you can usually see my daughter Mika working or myself.

    Mika's Profile- Go here to learn more about my daughter Mika

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    Me in my semi-formal dress. Ugh...I don't even like that thing...

    My daughter and all her faces ::Smiles:: She's my joy

    I wish i had a picture of my son, the three inch tall angel, Harry, but he is camera shy.

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