Seeing how many people search for Mcaffe and find my page, i will link you to there page, I have had 1 Austrailian visitor and 2 finland ones, both nice countrys i might add!

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HEY HEY, EMAIL ME WITH IDEAS But no files, , r macro viruses, I have mcaffe virus scan with email scan to check your emails, You should get McAffe

Hey, this is a little tiny webpage deticated to
A. Sausage
B. Links
C. Veggies
D. Stuff
I hope you like this page, I will soon get links to other pages I like, and I will give you Info on the things I like.

Ok, sausage lover, place your nose right up to the moniter....yea, like that....ok, now sniff. Do you smell sasuage? If you do I sug gest going on a talk show. Sausage is an un renounced delicacy. It is so round, and looks like natures perfect food, pardon me while i take a break to get some.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, 1 cool thing is on!